<<No island stands on the horizon of our civilization a more radiant front of Sicily. It points to three continents, and briefly describes its characteristics. Three times over the centuries, was the most brilliant center of the Mediterranean world.>>
(Roger Peyrefitte, "Du Vésuve à l' Etna", 1952)


MaNanna B&B is located at the center of the Sicilian Baroque, is an ideal starting point for day trips to the cities of art, all of Unesco World Heritage sites and exciting excursions immersed in the history and the nature trails of the south - eastern part of Sicily.

Noto: the capital of Sicilian Baroque, renowned for its famous cathedral and splendid palaces. (18 km)

Syracuse: the ancient capital of Magna Graecia, admired for its palaces, the island of Ortygia, its greek theatre, and its colourful market. (50 km)

Ragusa Ibla:  visit these destinations on foot to discover numerous churches and stunning baroque buildings. (65 km)

Modica: known to the world for its delicious chocolate. A stop at the Bonajuto chocolate shop is a must and a tast of a creamy hot chocolate during the winter season. (45 Km)

Scicli: with its little houses, wonderful churches and its baroque architecture, this town recreates the atmosphere of a living nativity scene. (55 km)

Wildlife and Natural Reserve of Vendicari: established in 1984 by the Region of Sicily, the reserve offers three spectacular trails for the exploration and discovery of the local flora and fauna. The old tuna fishing pool, the Torre Sveva, the pristine beaches and the crystal clear waters, where you can snorkel surrounded by fish, are all experiences not to be missed.Speciallly built huts allow you to watch flamingos and swans as they stop during the seasonal migration to and from Africa. Loggerhead sea turtles nest here as well as herons, black-winged stilts, terns and magpies can be spotted all year.  A wonderful testimony of the importance of this site for the environment and protection of the species. (15 km)

Villa Romana del Tellaro: this Roman villa date back to the late Roman empire during the second half of the fourth century. Perfectly preserva, it displays amazing mosaics. (26 km)

Cava Sant’Anna & Necropoli del Cassibile: you must go on an unforgettable excursion, north of Avola, to the second largest necropolis in Sicily, with its more than 200 tombs. Walk through the canyon of Cava Grande del Cassibile wit its natural pools and enjoy breathtaking view that extends from the Island of Capo Passero, the extreme southern part of Sicily all the way to the Vulcano of Mount Etna.  (45 km)