Wildlife and Natural Reserve of

Tonnara di Vendicari

(Noto )( 8km ) – Inside the park, with the old tonnara in the background and surrounded by the sumptuous flora of the park. The beach is not equipped

In the “Vendicari Nature Reserve” an entire ecosystem lives undisturbed. You will often find yourself in front of breathtaking landscapes, dense vegetation that suddenly opens onto a clear sea, very long and golden beaches, which in a few hundred meters become rocky cliffs and then deep sea.
This paradise is located just 15 km from Portopalo in the direction of Noto. You can enjoy the beaches where Caretta Caretta turtles lay their eggs every year or hike admiring the beautiful scenery along your path or watch the many varieties of birds on the marshes, which use the reserve as a stopping point during their migration or, moreover, it is possible to visit the beautiful ancient Tonnara.

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