Island of

Capo Passero and Scala Mandrie| Portopalo

The island of Capo Passero is its own naturalistic jewel, so much so that it is classified by the Italian Botanical Society as an area of ​​significant botanical interest. The island offers sandy areas in the part facing the village of Portopalo with rocky and inaccessible areas. The fascinating sandy area, characterised by crystalline sea and tongues of sand that slope gently offshore, is easily accessible by crossing the sea with a small fishing boat that carries out transport to and from the island all day during the summer season.

The rocky area is instead more inaccessible, with some areas reachable only from the sea.

There are also several sea caves to discover, including those of del Polipo, which offer a spectacular play of light generated by the reflections of the sea on the walls.

We therefore recommend that you take a tour of the island by boat, to be able to enjoy all the wonders offered by this tiny naturalistic pearl. Please note that the beach is not equipped and has no refreshment points.

The beach of Scalo Mandrie is certainly one of the most evocative of the island, with the Tonnara di Portopalo on one side and the naturalistic jewel of the island of Capo Passero on the other. The sea is crystalline blue, with a shallow seabed that slopes gently towards the open sea.

In summer there are many services for tourists, ideal for those who love relaxation and comfort but do not want to give up a fabulous sea!